Every mumin in the mauze is a potential human resource for the Jamaat. The various skills of diffferent mumineen can be utilized and enhaced to help achieve the 12 Umoor goals. Intelligent selection and placement of khidmatguzars and their cordial coordination is vital in achieving mauze goals with ease and in improving performance and motivation.

1. H.R.M: Analyze the human resources of the mauze to delegate the right khidmat to the right person.
2. H.R.D: Enhance the capabilities of the khidmathuzaars through:
– Soft skill training
– Professional training
3. Event Management: Utilize the various human resources and 12 Umoor committees and other sansthas to be efficiently manage small-scale as well as large-scale events in the mauze.
4. Performance Management: Monitor and review the performance of all 12 Umoor khidmatguzaar for future enhancements, changes and training.