The management of all the financial resources of the Jamaat is the responsibility of Umoor Maliyah committee and should be managed with honesty and integrity. The Jamaat’s income and expenses, disbursement of budgeted funds to other Umoor committees, maintaining a thorough book of accounts as per the instruction from Hazrat Aliyah are paramount.

The Accounts and Budget of the Jamaat should be in line with contemporary requirements and government regulations. Mumineen should also make home budgets. And in accordance with these 12 Umoor, an appropriate budget should be made to ensure the development of each town or city.


The following are some of the core responsibilities of the Coordinator and the Members of Umoor Maliyah:

  • Book Keeping – Ensure that all receipts and payments are collected and disbursed on time, and maintain computerised balance sheets and financial data.
  • Budgeting – Prepare operational budgets for each Umoor according to the guidelines issued from Alvazaratus Saifiyah.
  • Fund Generation and Management – Work towards increasing the income of the Jamaat by optimizing every resource. Conduct regular review meetings for Jamaat finances (Budget v/s Actuals).
  • Legal compliances – Adhere to legal compliances in all Jamaat finances. Generate and submit Statutory Audit reports.
  • Awareness – Assist Mumineen in making their own Household Budget.