Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has tirelessly worked to uplift the living standards of mumineen all over the world, especially their religious, economic, educational, household, health, and food standards.
The Umoor Marafiq Burhaniyah Committee will work in the light of these guidelines and strive to uplift mumineen in every aspect of their living until the following vision is accomplished.

 Every Mumin should be uplifted in the following aspects: deen, education, nutrition, health, housing, and livelihood.

Kaale madad leto tho hawe aaje ye bija ne madad kare.


  • Muwasaat: Conduct a thorough sector-wise survey to identify Mumineen families who require muwasaat. Apply for muwasaat and disburse muwasaat amount when received.
  • Rafo Mustawa Maishatil Mumineen: Complete the MPI Survey for all muwasaat families, and prepare and execute an action plan to uplift identified Mumineen in all 6 aspects of upliftment.
  • Fayze Enayate Amakinil Anwar: Assist Mumineen in acquiring their own homes through FEA schemes, and supervise over FEA construction projects in the mauze.
  • Upliftment Barnamaj: Assist khidmatguzars sent to the mauze to carry out all tasks directed by Alvazaratus Saifiyah for Upliftment Ayyaam. Encourage Mumineen to do khabar-giri and become fosterers.