Education must be given from an Islamic perspective and be holistic, encompassing both religious and wordly issues so that the individual develops intellectually, emotionally and economically while preserving our cultural values.

Every household should have at least one member who has memorized the entire Quran. Everyone should take deeni taleem and dunyawi education properly and reach the top in every field.

Umoor Taalimiyah is responsible for providing education and nurturing – to learners of all ages – to enable them to face the challenges of the times.


The following are some of the core responsibilities of the Coordinator and Members of Umoor Talimiyah:

  • Al-Quran: Ensure that each Mumin learns how to recite the Quran, and encourage Mumineen to do hifz.
  • Asbaaq: Assist the Amil Saheb with the management of asbaaq logistics, and other ilmi activities.
  • Primary Education: Ensure that all farzando receive best quality deeni and dunyawi education.
  • Higher Education: Encourage Mumineen to obtain higher education and provide counselling as necessary. Conduct educational programs as per MHB instructions.
  • Minhat Talimiyah: Encourage Mumineen to contribute in Minhat. Talimiyah and assist students in acquiring scholarship for education.
  • MSB / Attalim Schools / Madrasah: Follow instructions issued from Attalim Department and Idarah al-Madaris al-Saifiyah al-Burhaniyah for the administration and finance management of deeni schools.