For centuries, the Awliyaullah RA have ensured that mumineen remain steadfast to their faith and loyal towards their Moula TUS. They have strived to create an ideal ‘imani’ environment for mumineen to allow them to prosper in both their worldly and spiritual affairs.

The Umoor Deeniyah Committee will help create and maintain a suitable ‘imani’ environment, by adherence to the tenets of Islam and safeguarding mumineen from the harmful idealogies. Every directive and aspect of Shariat Mohammediyah should be carried out properly; the nizaam of the Jamaat should be in accordance with Shariat.


The following are some of the core responsibilities of the Coordinator and the Team Leaders of Umoor Deeniyah:

  • Asharah Ohbat: Strive to achieve full attendance in Asharah Mubarakah from the first waaz and make sure that all Mumineen participate in Zikre -Husain and Izharun Noha wal Aweel.
  • Majalis Mashahid: Make all necessary arrangements for majalis and mawaqeet.
  • Tenets of Shariat: Facilitate and encourage Mumineen to abide by the tenets of Shariat.
  • Moharramaat: Encourage Mumineen to restrain from all forms of moharramaat.
  • Rusumaat: Assist Mumineen in performing deeni rusumaat in both occasions of happiness as well as grief.