Umoor Amlaaq (Waqf & Trust)

Al-Dai Ajal Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS) is the sole trustee of all the trusts of Jamaat. Management of these entities is graciously entrusted upon Jamaat members. Therefore, all legal compliances (including taxation) should be adhered to with utmost dedication and care.

In addition, the Umoor Amlaaq committee is responsible for the development and maintenance of all Jamaat properties. All documentation and legal procedures before, during and after land/property possession should be carried out with due diligence.


1. Maintain updated records of all the documents of every property of Jamaat.
2. Securely store all the original documents.
3. Protect all properties from encroachment.
4. Properties already encroached upon should be legally vacated.
5. Create a plan for periodic structural maintenance and repairs.
6. Liaison Waqt & Trust department or local Dawat Hadiyah office on property and legal matters.