Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS has tirelessly worked to uplift the living standards of mumineen all over the world, especially their religious, economic, educational, household, health, and food standards.
The Umoor Marafiq Burhaniyah Committee will work in the light of these guidelines and strive to uplift mumineen in every aspect of their living until the following vision is accomplished

Kaale madad leto tho hawe aaje ye bija ne madad kare.

1. Conducting sector wise surverys of mumineen living standard.
2. Upliftment of mumineen housing.
3. Providing household items, medical – assistance educationals scholarships.
4. Helping and developing small scale businesses.
5. Assisting mumineen to overcome malnutrition.
6. Planning and implementing upliftment drives as per instruction.