For centuries, the Awliyaullah RA have ensured that mumineen remain steadfast to their faith and loyal towards their Moula TUS. They have strived to create an ideal ‘imani’ environment for mumineen to allow them to prosper in both their worldly and spiritual affairs.

The Umoor Deeniyah Committee will help create and maintain a suitable ‘imani’ environment, by adherenceto the tenets of Islam and safeguarding mumineen from the harmful idealogies.

1. Organizing for Miqaat: Sherullah, Ashara Mubarakah etc.
2. Ensure utmost attendance of mumineen in majalis/mashahid.
3. Protect/rehabilitate mumineen from all forms of muharramaat.
4. Encourage mumineen men and women to wear proper deeni libaas.
5. Train khidmatguzars for all burial practices.
6. Enforce proper Rusumaat in marriages, celebrations.
7. Ensure mumineen travel to Hazrat Imamiyah for deedar/qadambosi.