Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin RA desired that no mumin should ever sleep on a hungry stomach.

Umoor Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah/Niyaz will work towards the goal of regularly providing nutritious and sufficient meals though thaali and Niyaz to obtain the dua of mumeneen.

“Ek Ek mumin na ghar ma aa Faiz pohche em umeed karu cho.
Mumineen jare jaman jame chey to dua karwi nathi parti, ehna aatalda ma si dua nikli jai che.”

1. Make sure that the quality of food is up to the mark and that the servings are sufficient.
2. Finalize Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah Niyaz for the entire year in Lailat ul Qadr.
3. Maintain proper accounts and documentation for Faiz al Mawaid al Burhaniyah.
4. Maintain a list of all miscellaneous Niyaz done during the year.
5. Strive to conduct Niyaz every day during Shehrullah and Ashara Mubarakah.

Mohabbat ni Roti

Thaali Distribution

Sihori Distribution

Kitchen Cleaning