Burhani Futsal Frenzy 2014

Burhani Football Club (BFC) would like to convey their heartfelt appreciation to all participants, supporters, generous sponsors and everyone else who in one way or another contributed to the success of Futsal Frenzy 2014.

With the raza of our Janab Aamil Saheb Al-Had al-Farqad al-Azhar Aliasgar Bhaisaheb Zakiuddin, BFC organized a futsal tournament, where teams from the Singapore, Calcutta and Klang Jamaats battled against each other at Kovan Sports Centre to be crowned champions. 
The arena was overflowing with eager supporters and cheers rang out as the tournament kicked off at 9am. For the next couple of hours, the crowd was enthralled by the sheer footballing spectacle unfolding before their eyes. 
Every team fought tooth and nail to gain the upper hand. Most of the games were closely fought affairs with evenly matched teams duelling each other. As the dust settled just before the final match, Calcutta team had clinched 3rd place. The final match would now determine if Singapore Team C or Klang Team A would get their hands on the trophy.
After an absorbing and nerve wrecking contest, the score stood it 1-1. There was almost nothing to separate the two teams. Equal on points. Equal on goal difference as well. But there can be only one champion ... and it was Klang Team A since they had scored one more goal than the valiant Singapore Team C! 
Next up was the the Kids Skills Challenge! Kids from ages 7-12 ran onto the field and pitted their skills against one another in 3 Skills Challenges followed by an exciting friendly match. 
The event culminated with the awards ceremony where awards and lucky draw prizes were given out. Shk Hussain Saeed won the 'Best Fan Award' and 11 lucky draw prizes were handed out. The top scorer award was shared between Murtaza Bhai (Klang) and Ibrahim Bhai Saeed (Singapore). 
Thank you everyone for making the event a great success!
Khuda tala, Aqa Maula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin Saheb (TUS) ni umre sharif ne sehato afiyat na malabis libas ma ta roze qayamat daraz ane daraz kare.

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