Tijarat Rabeha Business Meet Up Seminar

On 6th Jamadil Ula 1437 (13 February 2016), Tijarat Rabeha Singapore organised its inaugural Business Meet Up Seminar with the Raza of Janab Aamil Saheb Alhaddul Anjabul Asad Aliasgar Bhaisaheb Zakiuddin.

Around 45 Mumineen and Mumenaat including business owners and white-collared professionals participated in the seminar. Taher bhai Topiwala welcomed all the participants and invited Janab Aamil Saheb for his opening words. Janab Aamil Saheb shared that it is  Aqa Maula's Khushi that we Dawoodi Bohras become business owners.

Azhar bhai Katib then shared Tijarat Rabeha's goals. He also shared the activities and resources that Tijarat Rabeha will organise for aspiring business owners. An activity was then held in which mumineen shared what they need to become business owners. In this activity, mumineen shared ideas for Tijarat Rabeha to implement in the future, had a discussion among themselves about how to go about starting a business and made valuable new connections. 

Light refreshments were served during the discussion. 

The seminar then ended at 1pm after 2 hours of good and productive sharing and discussion. 

Tijarat Rabeha Singapore Committee members are:

1) Qutbuddin bhai Maimoon

2) Azhar bhai Katib

3) Moaiyad bhai Hoosenally

4) Taher bhai Topiwala

May Allah Ta'ala grant our Aqa Maula (TUS) a long and healthy life till qayamat. Ameen

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FMB Milaad Thaali 1437

On 28th Rabi al Akhar 1437 (6 Feb 2016), with the Raza of Janab Aamil Saheb Alhaddul Anjabul Asad Aliasgar Bhaisabheb Zakiuddin , FMB Singapore organised a special FMB Thaali in celebration of Aqa Maula's (TUS) Milaad to reach all Mumineen's homes in Singapore. 

Many Mumineen, Mumenaat and Frazando participated in this Azeem Khidmat. Mumineen assisted in making rotis, packing and delivering the thaali.

May Allah Ta'ala grant our Aqa Maula (TUS) a long and healthy life till qayamant. Ameen.

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Walkathon 2016

With the Raza of Janab Aamil Saheb Alhaddul Anjabul Asad Aliasger Bhaisahen Zakiuddin, Shabab ul Eidiz Zahabi Singapore organised the first ever Walkathon 2016! The Walkathon was held on one of the trails of the unique Green Corridor. 

A total of 103 mumineen, mumenaat and children participated in the event. Buses were catered for mumineen to ferry them from Burhani Masjid to the starting point and back.

Janab Aamil Saheb flagged off the walk at The Rail Mall (Upper Bukit Timah Road). Participants were given a list of things to do such as taking a video of them making a choo choo train on the defunct rail tracks, taking a selfie of themselves sitting on the rail track and more.

Along the way, pit stops were organised for mumineen to refresh themselves. Children were given little toys for them to play and continue walking. 

The first pit stop was manned by Mubaraka bai Shk Abbas bhai Bhavnagarwala, Umme Kulsum bai Shk Husain bhai Khanali, Umme Hani bai Shk Najmuddin bhai Shakir and Umme Aiman bai Shk Najmuddin bhai Shakir. They distributed refreshing juice, popsicles (referred to as air batu) and bubbles (for the children).

The second pit stop was available after a tougher and muddier section of the trail which was manned by Hasan bhai Shk Hakimuddin bhai Khumusi who distributed wonderful Iced Lemon Tea. Participants were refreshed to complete the last leg of the trail. 

The third pit stop manned by Yusuf bhai Hussainy had rejuvenating 100 Plus and another toy for the children. 

The participants finally reached the final destination, The Bukit Timah Railway Station. 

The participants were then treated to snacks, drinks and lunch - picnic style. The event ended with a group photo, laughter, joy and of course, tired legs.

May Allah Ta'ala grant our Aqa Maula (TUS) a long and healthy life till the day of Qayamat. Ameen.

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