Burhani Football Club


BFC's mission

To encourage regular sports participation among our community's youth while building camaraderie via football in order to attain Aqa Moula's (TUS) khushi.


BFC's motto

There is a CHAMPION in all of us.


BFC contacts

Ibrahim Bhai Saeed - 91479152, Aziz Bhai Ezzy - 93851352 and Adnan Bhai Shakir - 92702632


BFC 2014 achievements:


A - Membership

1) Membership has been stable - high participation in weekly sessions (~20 players per session)

2) Youth participation (< 16 years old) has remained very high


B - Tournaments

1) Singapore Internal tournament Bolo Bola Beta – 24 players, top 2 team awards, top scorer awards

2) Inter-Jamaat Tournament in Singapore: Singapore vs Malaysia vs Calcutta (Runners-up) 


C - Initiatives

1) Man of the match (MOM) awards to encourage better play on every session. (decision done by panel)

2) Player of the Year (POY)  and Young Player of the Year (YPOY) awards to encourage better play throughout the year. Now based on a very fair and systematic method using points in 4 categories- MOM, Attendance, Tournament performance, Player voting

3) Awards for BFC Player of Tournament for each tournament

4) Thandu kerwanu khidmat in Ramazan

5) Contribution towards Niyaz-E-Husain in Ramazan

6) Taaboudaat Darees – part of 102 darees 1435H

7) Contribution towards Ramazan iftari fund 1435H

8) Contribution towards Air ticket assistance fund for Urus Mubarak in 1436H

9) Offered Qardan Hasana for Moula Wafaat, Ashara and Urus Mubarak

10) Participated in Masjid Safai

11) BFC BBQ event

12) BFC monthly Sponsorship scheme - to keep session fee low

13) United Stationery - $20 on every Cage session


Plans for 2015:

1) Cage sessions to continue to be capped at $2 (> 12) and $1 (< 12) per session due to monthly contribution of 27 BFC Sponsors. Cheapest Cage session made available to all.

2) Most Improved Player award - Based on improvement in POY ranking

3) Continue to offer Qardan Hasana to players

4) Photo archive initiative  for Jamaat - keeping memories alive!

5) 2015 Calendar of events:

Phenom Clinic for Kids Apr 2015

BFC social event 1 - March 2015

International Tournament - May 2015

Thandu kerwanu khidmat in Ramazan - June/July 2015

Internal tournament -  Aug 2015

BFC social event 2 - Sep 2015